█ Vorfreude® ► 5x 2W G9 LED Bulbs 240v ► Pack of 5 ► 110,000 Hour, 5,500% longer life, 6000k Cool White Capsules Energy Saving Eco same as 40W Watts

Vorfreude® LED bulbs emit intense light and have more illuminating power than other conventional light bulbs. These are highly efficient, and can outlast traditional commercial bulbs by as much as 5500%. Many homes and industries today prefer LED bulbs because of their energy saving feature. The main illuminating component of a LED light bulb is a thin wire filament which is heated by electricity and in turn produces a bright, white light. Here are some tips on how to replace LED light bulbs safely: * When Removing LED Light Bulbs 1 – Make sure to turn off the lighting fixture, or unplug it from its electrical source before you start. 2 – Do not immediately remove the light bulb after use: allow at least a full ten minutes for it to cool before removing it. 3 – When your light bulb housing uses a heat guard or other protective covering, carefully detach it first, then set aside later for reattachment. 4 – When removing bulbs, grasp them gently but firmly. We recommend using a cloth rag or glove for added protection. * When Installing a New LED Light Bulb 1 – Follow manufacturer’s recommendations on the type of LED light bulb to use for your lighting fixture. 2 – Use cloth gloves when handling new LED light bulbs. Our hands contain oils that can be transferred to bulb surfaces which can cause overheating and premature bulb failure. 3 – When installing new light bulbs, make sure they are at room temperature. There is a risk of explosion once the switch is turned on, if you install a cold bulb.

Product Features

  • ★ 5 OUT OF 5 STAR QUALITY. Our happy customers agree that Vorfreude® provides the quality LED light bulbs the market demanded. These high quality bulbs include a built in fuse safety feature, include UV stop, shatterproof, and can be used in conventional G9 incandescent fixtures.
  • ★ LONGEST LIFE LAMP ON THE MARKET; 110,000 HOURS. 5,500% longer than old models still sold. Studies show that our bulbs outperform local shop brands that are selling 1 bulb for the same price as this 5 pack.
  • ★ UNIVERSAL G9 HALOGEN REPLACEMENT GUARANTEED TO FIT. G9 means 9mm (nine millimeters) between pins. Suitable for; under counter or cabinet lighting like those sold at IKEA®, home or office desk lamps, outdoor garden or landscape lighting, RV (recreational vehicle) or caravans, microwave or oven, closet, ceiling cans, table lamp, hood, candle warmers, recessed fixtures, motion sensors, torchiere, and floor lights.
  • ★ 5 BULBS GENTLY PACKED IN 5 INDIVIDUAL BOXES. We use recycled cardboard to carefully nestle each bulb in a protective shell that ensures there is no bulb to bulb contact. These 5 boxes are all shrink wrapped together in 1 row of 5 for stackable storage until needed.
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason you don’t LOVE your new Vorfreude® G9 Halogen Lights, simply return them within 30 days. We’ll refund every penny or replace them at no cost. No questions asked. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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3 Responses to █ Vorfreude® ► 5x 2W G9 LED Bulbs 240v ► Pack of 5 ► 110,000 Hour, 5,500% longer life, 6000k Cool White Capsules Energy Saving Eco same as 40W Watts

  1. CleverPetals says:

    Extremely bright I’m a fan of saving energy and these bulbs are a great way to achieve this. I purchased these G9 LED bulbs to replace existing Halogen bulbs in my living room ceiling light and for the energy efficient A rating.Considering these are a 2 watt bulb, I was really impressed with the amount of bright white light these seemingly tiny bulbs offered.The 5 bulbs arrived in a plastic re-sealable bag, ideal for storing. Each bulb is individual wrapped in a cardboard case. The bulbs…

  2. Anonymous says:

    These LED bulbs fit perfectly into the G9 lamps we have in our bedrooms. They are cased in a rubbery material instead of glass which I think is ingenious and should reduce breakages.They switch on straight away and are bright (advertised as 300lumens). They have a definite blue cast – the temperature is advertised as 6000k. They are not a good colour replacement for halogen lamps and probably shouldn’t be used in bedrooms. I got these for office work where I’ll be studying. Have a…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Okay here’s the thing…I have a ceiling light that takes 5 of these bulbs and a matching corner lamp that takes 4…up until recently I had been buying a well know brand halogen type bulb as recommended by the manufacturer of my lights …well there’s not a week goes by that there’s one blows, so a while back I bought a set of these to see if they would last any longer and every time one of the halogens blew I replaced it with 1 of these…guess what…after 5 weeks none of these have blown…