22 LED Solar Security Light by SPV Lights: The Solar Lights & Solar Lighting Specialists (Free 2 Year Warranty)

If you’re looking for a solar powered outdoor security light that puts you in control, this 22 SMD LED Solar Security Light is a great choice. It features an adjustable dial that let you decide how long the light stays on once motion is detected. A second dial lets you set the distance at which the motion detector works. This means whether you want the security light to come on as soon as you approach your property or only come on when motion is detected at a closer range, you can decide. Both functions are easy to control using the dials on the motion detector unit.

The illumination provided by this light is also impressive. It features two bright white lights which can each be rotated through approximately 180⁰, giving you amazing coverage wherever you need it.

These particular lights are built using SMD LED technology which provides enhanced performance within an incredibly reliable and cost-effective product.

Where to Use

So versatile, you can use these solar powered outdoor lights in any of your outdoor areas. And the really clever thing about these security lights is that the solar panel is independent of the light so they can be positioned in different places. This is ideal if you want to use the light in areas that don’t receive any sunlight such as a shed or garage, or simply a dark area of your garden. The solar panel can then be positioned in an area that receives sunlight and the panel and light connect easily using the 5 metre cable.


Light face (including casing) ⦁ Width: 8.5cm (at widest point) ⦁ Height: 8cm (at highest point)

Wall unit ⦁ Width: 10cm ⦁ Height: 8cm Solar panel ⦁ Width: 13.5 cm ⦁ Height: 13.5 cm

Cable ⦁ 5 metres

Product Features

  • 11 x LEDs per light (22 in total)
  • Automatically turns on when motion is detected
  • No electricity costs, charges using power from the sun
  • Up to 8 hours run time
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use

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2 Responses to 22 LED Solar Security Light by SPV Lights: The Solar Lights & Solar Lighting Specialists (Free 2 Year Warranty)

  1. eFABE says:

    Great for lighting a small room/shed/garage/feed room etc. LOVE IT

  2. iAll says:

    Surprisingly good…very pleased