6 Smart Solar Eureka Light Bulbs

Eureka! Adding atmospheric lighting in gazebos, below parasols and on bushes and trees, these hand-blown, solar-powered glass light bulb lanterns each have a little hook and crocodile clip from which they can be hung almost anywhere. With bright white LEDs, we think they’re a fab idea for shedding a little light on your garden gatherings once the sun goes down.

Each bulb 14cm H.

Product Features

  • 6 solar decorative light bulbs
  • White LED lights
  • Can be hung by their clips or on a string
  • Fab for a parasol or gazebo
  • Each bulb 14cm H.

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3 Responses to 6 Smart Solar Eureka Light Bulbs

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Looked great the first couple of nights

  2. sean63 says:

    Very poor quality.