Anqi Portable 12W 720LM E27 Led Solar Emergency Blub Light Solar Light Lamp Energy Saving Indoor Outdoor IP65 Waterproof LED Lighting for Camp Tent Night Fishing Hiking Flyhoom

Item type: Rechargeable Solar LED Bulb
Socket: E27
Power: 12W
Supply Voltage: AC85V-265V
Light Color: White
Color temperature (CCT): 6500-8000K
Rechargeable Battery: 1200mA / 3.7V (18650 Li-ion battery)
Solar panel: 3 solar panels
Two Charging Mode:
1) Solar Charging
2) In the AC85V-265V Voltage Charging
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Working time: 4-6 hours
Waterproof: IP65
Energy Saving: 95%
Lifespan: 8000hrs
Sheathing Material: Plastic
Power source: Solar panel, home electric
Control: Touch Lamp top For Emergency Lighting
Note:The solar lights have a bright light when fully charged. Should you find the light bulb is not very bright when you receive and take out of packaging, this is because it requires charging due to the inner battery low in power. Charge the bulb (At least 2 hours).

Product Features

  • A:Bright portable outdoor solar light bulb with built-in 3pcs Inner Solar Panels, High Lumens LEDs and a 1200mAh Lithium battery.
  • B:Two ways to turn it on.A:Screw the hooked lid to bulb thread and tighten, then press the switch button to turn on / off. B:Hold Bulb and mild press the top with your finger
  • C: Fitted with three Solar Panels it will recharge in sunlight and give you 2-4 hours of Lighting.Rechargeable LED bulb works like any household bulb and recharge with light on this will take 6-8 hours to fully charge and give you 4-6 hours of lighting.
  • D: The built-in sensor can effect the success of power, determine the state of switch, and save you in the situation of outage, when power is cut the bulb operating as an emergency lamp and switches on automatically as long as room light Switch is set to ON. You will never be without light due to a blackout ever.
  • F:Environmental-Friendly, Energy Saving, Long Life Expectancy, Lower Power, Consumption, Rechargeable, Waterproof, Lightweight and Carry with easy.Ideal for home lighting, outdoor trips, emergency events and power outages, Garden, Travel, Hiking, Camping and more.

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