AOKARLIA Led Solar Bulbs,Portable Powered Solar Panel Light Bulb Battery Bulb For Indoor Outdoor Garden Shed Reading Outside Camping Lanterns Tent Lighting

Product Specification:
Product name: adjustable solar light
Input:AC85-265V DC/5-6V Input
Power: 3W
solar panel:1w
Charging time: 8H
Working time:4H
Lifespan of LED:50000H
Lifespan of battery:charge and discharge for 300 times
Distance of remote control:5-6M
Product size: 12.5*12.5*10.5CM
Package size: 13*13*11CM
Precautions for use:
1. For the first time use, please put the product in the sun under the charge, And charge for a few hours;
2. When the light blinks means that the power is very low, please immediately charge, otherwise the device will soon stop working;
3. Remove the battery for a long time when not in use, or charge the product once every 3 months to ensure that the battery will not damage the battery for a long time;
4. Solar panel charging effect depends on the light duration and weather conditions, the stronger the sun the faster charge, the longer the longer the light charge, cloudy rainy day effect weakened, light time is shortened;
5. Products for a long time in the outdoor use, solar panels will be dust, in order to achieve better charging effect, if necessary, you need to clean up the dust.

Product Features

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: remote control switch three brightness adjustment, a power storage function, three in one multi-function (solar lights + rechargeable treasure + ordinary energy-saving lamps);
  • VARIETY OF POWER SUPPLY: support DC 12V / AC 90-260V mains power supply, while solar panels can be charged (with USB charging interface), especially for home indoor, outdoor lighting, field operations, travel lighting, emergency lighting and other extensive Occasions to use.
  • IMPROVED WATERPROOFNESS:As this solar light is designed to be used outdoors it may be exposed to rain. To improve the product life, there are now two separate seals between the internals and the back case. Therefore It’s security light is more durable and weatherproof than ever before.
  • EASY OPERATION: Just hang it on anywhere you need it to be, or use screws to mount the device (recommend). Another updated part of this solar motion security light is the ON/OFF button on the back, which lets you get rid of those similar solar lights which needs to turn on/off with the help of key pins.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If the sunlight is not strong, the battery may not be fully charged, so the lighting time and brightness will compromise. Any questions, Please contact with us freely.

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