Bird Feeding Station with Solar Light, Bird Feeder & Planter

This bird feeding station with solar light is a great way to add a decorative accessory to your garden while inviting the beauty of wild birds in too. There really is nothing more relaxing than watching birds visiting your garden for a cool dip in the bird bath, and with this built-in solar light you will also be able to see your new garden friends visiting at night-time.

Product Features

  • Attract a wide variety of birds that feed both day and night
  • Bird feeding station featuring a bird bath, bird feeder, garden light and built in planter.
  • All steel construction with black coating: strong, weatherproof and good looking.
  • Unit measures 119cm from the base of the planter to the top of the lamp
  • These bird feeders really make superb gifts for bird lovers of all ages

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2 Responses to Bird Feeding Station with Solar Light, Bird Feeder & Planter

  1. Juliet Foster says:

    Nice but some glitches This product is a great idea in principle but not so great when you come to put it together. Don’t get me wrong – the bits are all there unlike many self-assembly pieces. However, with no sign of damage to the box, my mesh feeder was twisted and warped, as was the mesh side basket. Those are mesh and can be forced back into shape. The bird bath tray though was so warped it had become a twisted oval and I will have to buy a new saucer to put in there. I also have only one of the horizontal…

  2. Jennyg says:

    Very poor value This was very complicated to assemble, with no real instruction sheet, just a badly copied, fuzzy diagram of its various parts. The parts are all flimsy, the water tray was badly being out of shape and it took two hours to make any sense of it. I had to resort to a hammer in the end and quite honestly, if I hadn’t embarked already on trying to fit it together, I would have sent it straight back. It’s small, very poor quality and not worth the money. In my windy back yard, I know it will blow…