Candora™ Upside Down Reverse Umbrella, Windproof Outside Folding Double Layer Inverted, Self Standing Inside-Out, C-Shaped Free Hand Handle Blue Sunny Sky Long Inverted Umbrellas

How to use:
1.In use, our umbrella functions the same way in the sam structure as typical umbrellas do when opended all the way.
2.Opposite from other umbrellas, te lining opens outward when the umbrella is folded.
3.In result, the wet side folds inward and dry side outward, you can keep your clothes nice and dry.

Product Name: Inverted Umbrella, outside in umbrella, Upside Down Umbrella
Fabric Material: double layers high-density water repellent fabric
Rib Material: carbon fiber high hardness skeleton
Handle Material: Rubberized plastic matte painting handle
Control: Non-automatic
Colour:Blue and white clouds
Material: Hit cloth
Length: 80cm/31.5inch
Under the umbrella of diameter: 105cm/41.34inch
Open height:80cm/31.5inch
Features:Creative explosions,Double reverse,Long umbrella,Car hands free,Clear umbrella,Hot blast

Package Include:
1x umbrella

Product Features

  • [NOT GET WET]: Unique design you can open this inverted umbrella as you open the door and not get wet, And when you close the reverse umbrella, getting back in the car, the water stays inside of the umbrella and doesn’t get the car floor wet
  • [SELF STANDING ]: The Umbrella will self stand on the floor without any support and with the C-Shape EVA handle, it’ll leave your hands free for holding a baby or using a mobile if needed
  • [METIRALS]: Made from aluminum alloy shaft, water repellent-coated, breathable double layer canopy and smooth top
  • [STRONG WATERPROOF]: Nano waterproof technology, the waterproof effect is three times as common umbrella, this umbrella can enhance its windproof effect, prevent it from flipping inside out and maintain the elegant rounded shape
  • [PACKAGE]: Package Include:1x umbrella

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