Cinoton Solar Garden Lights 28 LED Wall Light 3 IN 1 Mode Off/Dim/Bright,Ultra Bright Fence Light With Security Motion Sensor Wireless Waterproof 2200mAh Battery (2)

*Lighting your foreyard,backyard,garden,deck,porch,patio,pond,swimming pool,driveway,path,or any outdoor places that needs a light at night.
*Waterproof IP65,(Doesn’t mean to dipping under the water)suitable for any outdoor places and most kinds of bad weathers.Easy mounted with screws.As wireless,so don’t need to worry about damaging structure when mounting on the wall,pillar,eave.

LED Bulbs : 28Pcs,1.2Watt
Li-ion Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh(Rechargeable and Replace)
Sensitive Motion Sensor :15 feet,120 degree angles
Waterproof & Dustproof:Against from bad weathers(Doesn’t mean to dipping under the water)
No Strobe Lights
No Radiation
Protect Function: Over charging/discharging/current,short circuit.
Dimensions:3.9*1.9*4.2 inch/100*50*107 mm

2 x LED Solar Wall Lights
2 x Screw(with plastic wall plug)
2 x Pin
1 x Manual

How it works:(Please also follow the Manual)
*Before Use:Make sure to expose the light in the sun for 2 more days,fully charging the battery.
*Activation:Activating the light by inserting the pin and clicking.
*Mounting:Face south/north(Recommending Height 3ft),avoiding the shelter,glass,shade,etc..Let the solar panel get fully,directly raying.
*Light Sensor:Auto turn on to the Dim lighting model when in darkness or at night,and auto turn off when in daytime or bright area.
*Dim Lighting Mode:When no motions,Dim lighting mode will be always on as signal light,saving power.
*Bright lighting mode:Any motions triggering within the range,brightest lighting for 30s,after that automatically turn to dim lighting if no more motions.

*Please be kindly noted that as a solar powered product,the working time is weather sensitive.

Product Features

  • 28 PCS LED BULBS DESIGN: Provide brightest lights than old 8/16 LED model for outdoor lighting,security illumination at night.With motion sensor,light sensor,keep safe!
  • 2200mAh BUILT-IN BATTERY: Lighting time can be up to 12 hours in normal situation after fully charged(Solar Charging,Rechargeable)
  • BIGGER SOLAR PANEL: 3.4*2.2″,Much bigger than old version.latest polycrystalline silicon technilogy,high energy efficiency,charging time 6-8 Hours under fully sun raying.
  • 3 IN 1 INTELLIGENT MODES: Light auto OFF at sunrise/auto DIM lighting at night.DIM to BRIGHT when motion trigger(Within 15 ft/120 degree angles).Back to DIM after 30s if no motions
  • MODERN STYLE:Elegant body,diamond lampshade for softer lights.Waterproof,wireless,easy installation with screws in seconds,matches any decoration.

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3 Responses to Cinoton Solar Garden Lights 28 LED Wall Light 3 IN 1 Mode Off/Dim/Bright,Ultra Bright Fence Light With Security Motion Sensor Wireless Waterproof 2200mAh Battery (2)

  1. Mrs K M Woolfrey says:

    Great solar light, quick and easy install Being me, I’m not so good at guessing how big something is so when this solar light arrived I did think to myself that it’s quite small so won’t give out much light at all….I have to hold my hands up and confess I was totally wrong! Never judge a book by its cover comes to mind!This led solar light comes with 2 wall plugs & 2 screws to put the light up, it also comes with 2 double sided sticky pads.My husband put this solar light at the top of our shed with the sticky tabs and…

  2. Space Daddy says:

    Good, compact, discrete… Good compact LED lights. Key hole securing template at the back (along with the on/off pin hole) keeps the look minimalist and discrete. Low level unobtrusive dim mode, which switches to bright mode easily when sensing movement nearby. Light is in the cool white spectrum, but good for low level path lighting. Charges well on a north facing wall which never gets any direct sunlight during a winter or over cast day, but just not quite enough to last through the night. However once the clouds have…

  3. Anonymous says:

    These solar powered lights are small size but very bright with 28 LEDs. The package includes two lights and installation accessories.Thanks to the solar power, the lights can be installed anywhere without power cable. There is a light sensor and motion sensor, so they are off in daytime, dimmed in night and full-lit when motion is detected nearby.The lights are attached to screws like wall clock and can be easily taken off…