Cooljun Durable Waterproof Lamp 16 LED Solar Power PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light Outdoor Garden

Smarter Sensor Modes:
Strong Long Light Mode: when fade into darkness, the light will keep strong and bright until itself dies.
Dim Light Sensor Mode: when in dark night, the light will be dim without people coming near, however become bright if people comes, and the bright light will last 15 seconds until it returns to dim light again.
Strong Light Sensor Mode: In night, the light will be strong bright when people comes, then 15 seconds later, the light dies automatically.
Color: Black
Detects motion: Within 26 feet – 120 degree angle
Type of Bulb: 16 big LED lights
Battery: 3.7V1000mA Li-ion Battery
Wattage: 3W
Power Source: Solar
Material: Plastic
Protection: IP65
Delay Time: 15sec
Lumen: 300lm

Product Features

  • This is an easy to install and energy saving solar light
  • Widely used for illumination in garden, hallway, garage, squares and other places
  • We use solar charging system and light control, human sensor control technology.
  • It will automatically light off during the day, and automatically light up when it senses someone coming at night, no need to manually control it

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