EarMe LED Solar Energy Light Spot Bulb LED Portable Solar Lamp with Solar Panel 0.8W for Outdoor Lighting Hiking Camping Tent Fishing, Portable Solar Bulb 130LM

1, the bulb max brightness: 130lm.
2, Lithium battery capacity: 850mA/3.7 V; Light from the bulb fully charged: more than 4 hours
3, the battery can be fully charged by the solar panel under enough sunlight. Charging time depends on the intensity of sunlight
– – The Mobile charged Bulb can be used as light source.
Type of Base: Other
Holder: Other
Type: Ball Bulbs
Total Emitters: 12
Luminous Flux: 130lm
CCT/, Wavelength: 5500-6500 K
Voltage (V): DC 5 V
Service Life: 5000hrs
Power supply: Solar power, electricity charges.
Certifications: CE, Rose
Features: Energy saving, long service life, low power consumption, rechargeable
Function: Commercial Lighting, Home Lighting, horticulture, outdoor lighting
Available Light Color: Natural White
Housing Material: Plastic
* Package weight: 0,213 kg
Product Dimension: 106 x Lx H): 12.00 x 6,80 x 6,80 cm/4,72 x 2.68 x 2.68 inches
Package Dimensions (W x D x H): 13 x 7.00 x 7.00 cm/5,12 x 2,76 x 2,76 inches
Package list:
1x chargeable
1 x 0.8 W/5 V Solar Panel
1 x 3.5 metre line of connection

Product Features

  • The sunlight is based on solar energy, which is clean and no end is kind to the environment. During the day, when there is sunlight, the solar panel can convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery.
  • That the solar panel is located in the roof or in a spot light, the yarn is introduced in a room and the jack is plugged into the charge port, a 5 W charger can also be used for charging).
  • Energy saving, long service life, low power consumption, can be recharged. The system is composed mainly of solar power, light source and battery.
  • Power supply: solar power, electricity charges. Lithium battery capacity: 850mA/3.7 V, illuminated from the bulb fully charged: 5H; Lamp Lighting time: 2-3 hours.
  • Please note: The Solar Light can be used in any weather condition, but it is not waterproof. Ideal for camping, cooking, work, reading, emergencies and power outages.

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