EHAO Car Auto Waterproof Solar Energy Wheel Light Lamp Decorative Solar Power Flashing Colorful LED Tire Light Gas Nozzle Cap Motion Sensors for Car Motorcycles Bicycles (4)

Size:4 Pcs
Specifications: Lighting Color: Red, Blue, Green, White
Lighting Mode: 15
Special Note:
1. light dark (night) + car stop; light strong (day) + car driving, LED lights do not flash
2. light dark (at night or tunnel) + car driving, LED lights flashing
3. Light, light, light is weak, the speed is lower than 20KM / hour is not bright
4. The light is weak, and the speed is above 20KM / hour, the light starts to light, the speed is lower than 20KM /hour
5. When the light is on, it will turn off the light immediately

Product Features

  • Easy to install and remove Small, light weight, durable and waterproof
  • 15 lighting modes available Powered by solar energy, no need for extra power supply
  • Auto start flashing when the car is in motion when car speed up to 25km/h at night Auto stop flashing when the car is not in motion or when car speed below 25km/h at night
  • With vibration sensor and light sensitive system
  • High brightness LED light can avoid accidents when driving at night

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