Empire of the Sun

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2 Responses to Empire of the Sun

  1. Dolphin says:

    Stunning and Informative Professor Brian Cox’s style of presentation throughout the five episodes contained on this box-set was both informative and enthusiastic, bringing to life (in stunning detail) a subject matter that can be dry if not handled well.No expense seems to have been spared in a budget that allowed the professor to fly to the upper reaches of the atmosphere, submerge deep under the ocean and travel to far flung areas on Earth to share observations about hostile environments found elsewhere…

  2. Dougsmoog says:

    Fantastic journey into the familiar and yet so unknown! Buy it! Proff Brian Cox, what a fantastic chap! The potential for a series of prgarmmes on the solar system to be a complete turn-off is massive and yet, the brilliant Brian Cox manages to make it a spell-binding and enthralling journey of knowledge.The really great thing about these programmes though is, I can sit down with my young daughter and watch them together and she finds them as fantastic as I do.The real skill of Proff Cox though, is his ability to bring all the…