Eureka Lightbulb Lantern by Smart Solar

A unique way to illuminate your garden at night, the Smart Solar Eureka! Lightbulb Solar Light is shaped like an incandescent bulb and contains 4 white LEDs. The LEDs are charged by an integrated solar panel and automatically light up at night. When fully charged, the LEDs stay on for up to 6 hours. The lightbulb lantern contains a crocodile clip to hang it from branches, fencing, arbours and other outdoor features. It’s great for illuminating a patio seating area.

Product Features

  • Unique lightbulb solar light by solar specialists Smart Solar
  • Crocodile clip to securely hang from trees, fencing and more
  • Contains 4 white LEDs which are charged by direct sunlight
  • Automatically lights up from dusk till dawn (6 hour duration)
  • Wonderful way to create a relaxing ambience in your garden

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3 Responses to Eureka Lightbulb Lantern by Smart Solar

  1. Mr Roland Barnard says:

    lnstruction error on packaging tag. Having bought these at Wisley, they didn’t work initially when I hung them up. However, I contacted the company and they told me that there was an error on the packaging label. You have to unscrew the bulb and inside you will find the on/off switch. All three bulbs now work perfectly and survived Storm Katie intact although one did have a small amount of water inside which was easily removed.Obviously, the correct instructions would help, but all 3 of my bulbs do exactly what they are…

  2. S.Terry says:

    I love these light bulbs not so pretty during the day …

  3. mrs kindle says:

    1 out of 3 working!!!