Fanxing New Fashion Outdoor Solar Powered LED Path Wall Landscape Mount Light Lamp Garden Fence

1. Embed the screw and plastic insertion into the wall or embed the screw into the board directly, then hang the light on the screw.
2. Please ensure that solar panel is installed in the area where there is enough sunlight. It will shorten light time obviously if insufficient sunlight.
3. The solar panel can’t be installed in the area where there is light in night, such as under streetlights. Circuit will determine whether it is night according to illumination condition, the product will not turn on automatically while there is a certain illumination intensity.
4. Remove lamp cap before installation, then put power switch to “CYCLE” or “LOCK” position and cover solar panel, if light, the product is normal, if not, maybe internal battery is out of power, please put it under sunlight to charge first.
Function Description:
OFF: Turn off light
CYCLE: Seven-color cyclic change; Change order of color:White/Colorful/Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/ Pink
LOCK: Color lock; It will lock current color when put switch to lock position in any color. When lock “colorful”, it’s for color slow change effect.
Package includes:
1 x Solar Light Wall Light
1 x set Mount tool

Product Features

  • ★ Solar powered, energy saving, no wiring electricity, installation anywhere, and high safety. Charging in the daytime and turning on automatically in the dark.
  • ★ Amorphous silicon solar panel and Ni-MH battery built in, over 3 years lifetime.The lighting effect can be set to seven-color or fixed color.
  • ★ Solar Panel: 1.6V/35mA amorphous silicon. Battery: AAA 1.2V/200mAH Ni-MH. LED: φ5 7LM LED chip. Material: ABS shell.
  • ★ Operating Current 11mA MAX. Runing Time >18H(discharge under full power) Battery will be fully charged within 6 hours under strong direct sunlight. Weak sunshine, short sunlight time, incorrect installation angle of solar panel or aging of battery will lead to low battery and short working time.

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