Garden mile® 6 Piece Bright White LED Solar Powered chinese eastern Lantern Style Garden Pathway Or Border Stake Lights

A superb value set of 6 solar stake lights for lighting up your lawn, plant pots or garden path. Each lantern houses one white LED bulb which emits an impressive glow. You can count on 8 hours illumination each night in Spring and Summer. Being solar powered, these lights are brilliant for lighting areas of your garden or patio where power sockets aren’t available and they cost nothing to run! With a smooth black plastic housing, these solar stake lights are fully weatherproof for use all year round. Supplied with ground spikes, these solar lights are really easy to insert into your soil or grass. There is also a handy OFF switch for when you don’t want the lights to illuminate or when you require more than 1 day’s charge in the dull winter months. White LED Bulbs Give An Impressive Glow Height 28cm Plus 11cm Ground Spike Work All Year Round, Up To 8 Hours Illumination Each Night In Summer Quick & Easy To Assemble

Product Features

  • SOLAR POWERED- It Costs Virtually Nothing To Operate, As It Doesn’t Rely On Electricity From Your Home. No Electrician Needed. Drill One Hole. Install One Screw. Hang Up Your Light. The Ideal Mounting Place Is Facing The Best Sun Of The Day. But If Your Light Is Mounted In An Area That Doesn’t Get Enough Sun To Charge, Just Take It Down And Place It In The Sun. It Will Charge During The Day And Be Ready For Another Two Or More Days After That
  • FULLY WEATHERPROOF, DURABLE FOR YEARS OF USE- This Light Is Waterproof And Heatproof, Making It A Great Choice For Any Sun-Lit Location. Bright LED Bulbs
  • STRONG AND DURABLE-Made from Tough Durable Plastic, these lights will not rust and to ensure the life and brightness of the light please clean solar panel regularly.
  • POWER COSUMPTION-Lasts up to 8 hours on a full days charge.
  • FEATURES-These Chinese Style Lantern Stake Lights Have A bright White LED Light And Are A Must Have For Any Garden Along Pathways Driveways And Borders.

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2 Responses to Garden mile® 6 Piece Bright White LED Solar Powered chinese eastern Lantern Style Garden Pathway Or Border Stake Lights

  1. Dolomede says:

    Illuminating purchase! These are great value for money and – if you want to – you can pay more for the same lights from other suppliers. I’ve been using these lights for some time now and they look really smart to my mind. They provide reasonable light to highlight your garden beds and paths and are actually taller than they appear in the picture. Like all lights of this nature you have to be careful of the plastic ground spikes when inserting them as a hidden pebble can break the spike if you force it – but they…

  2. Paul Reed says:

    Brilliant quality and super bright light. I bought these to line my driveway and they do an excellent job. The units themselves are sturdy, and the solar panels are big enough to charge the cells inside. They come on every night and dusk and don’t go off again until dawn.The light is a very white/blue light, diffused through the translucent covers. This gives a very pleasing light spread and looks very classy. You could almost be tricked into thinking these are mains powered.I actually prefer warm white to cold…