Hillington ® Pack of 8 Solar Fence and Gutter Lights- Bright White 3 LED Round Hanging Wall Mounted Weatherproof Solar Powered Rechargeable Outdoor Garden Path Fence Wall Walkway Decking Patio Lights with Auto On Off Dusk Dawn – Easy to Install with Supplied Hooks and Fittings – No Wiring Required (Pack of 8)

Gutter light, but not only! This powerful solar gutter light will illuminate all dark spots around your house.
Just fix the bracket to the gutter and three powerful LEDs will lighting up the area below.
It is very easy to install as there are no wires required as it is fully solar powered.
The light is weatherproof and you can always leave it outdoors.

This is a versatile sunlight, its bracket can be used not only as a clip, but also be fixed with a screw.
In fact, the sunlight bracket has a hole in each of the two ends and is reversible.
This allows it to be fixed to the wall obtaining a wall light and using the solar lamp as a lantern,
or, using the opposite end of the bracket, to be used as a fence light, if fixed, for example, on a pillar.
Thanks to its shape, the bracket can also be used on the fence itself.

It can be fixed anywhere (almost)
The light fitting clips almost anywhere and can be mounted at any angle allowing you to maximise the light coverage of the light.
Fix it above the entrance door, using it as a security light: you will get home safely and find the keys quickly.

Energy saving
Latest generation solar panels that during the day will charge the supplied battery.
When darkness comes in, the integrated brightness sensor will turn on the garden light which, with the battery fully charged, will illuminate the area for 6-8 hours.

Specifications (per light)

Power Source: Solar Panel
Bulb Type: LED
Number of Bulbs: 3 (per light)
Bulb Colour: White
Battery: 1 x AA 1.2V 200mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable (included)
Material: Plastic
Auto ON at Dusk, OFF at Dawn – Plus ON/OFF Switch
Requires unobstructed direct daylight to charge and provide maximum light output
Dimensions (each light) – W12cm x H6cm / W5″ x H2″ (approx.)

Product Features

  • THE HILLINGTON ® SOLAR FENCE AND GUTTER LIGHTS will illuminate all dark spots around your house. Just fix the supplied bracket to the gutter or fence and three powerful LEDs will light up the area below. Switching on and Off Automatically at Dawn and Dusk, these versatile lights bring eye-catching lighting along with added security to your home
  • BE A SOLAR HERO! 100% SOLAR POWERED and MEGA-BRIGHT design! Each LED Hillington ® Solar Fence and Gutter Light has the brightness of a desk lamp and lasts 40x LONGER than incandescent lights! No electricity costs for using the sun! It’s totally FREE & CLEAN energy and makes your home exterior SHINE! Improve the security of your home with automatic night lighting!
  • NO WIRES, NO HASSLE! It takes just minutes to assemble and install each light! Straightforward, EASY-PEASY installation! Give stunning decorative lighting to the exterior of your home, garden, porch, yard, walkway, backyard, driveway, pathway, garage, shed or ANY outdoor landscape! Charged by solar power throughout the day, lights up at night automatically, turns off in the morning!
  • Quick and Easy Assembly – No Wiring Required – All Fitting Included
  • Dimensions (each light) – W12cm x H6cm / W5″ x H2″ (approx.)

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