HOT ♥ 22LED Outdoor/Indoor Solar Lamp Hooking Camp Garden Lighting Remote Control ES (Free size, White)


♡♡ 22 bright LED light source to illuminate your backyard or tent for added safety at night with low power consumption.

♡♡ Solar powered, environmentally friendly. It is recharged by solar panels under sun light, automatic charging during the day.

♡♡ With the large capacity of the battery, this lamp can last 3 to 6 hours when fully charged, long working time.

♡♡ Hanging hook is provided for convenient placement, you can hang it wherever you want, ideal for home lighting, camping, emergency and so on.

♡♡ Remote control switch, you can use the remote control to turn on or turn off the light bulb for convenience.

Package Included:

♡♡1 x Solar Panel ♡♡1 x Lamp ♡♡1 x Remote Control ♡♡1 x 4M Electic Cable


♡♡Switch: when using AC, the switch needs to be set to AC, and it is used to charge the built-in battery.The use of solar energy can be used with AC or DC, DC has the optical control function, the solar panel line lamp, the day will not be bright, the evening will be bright.

♡♡Remote distance: 5 meters in front and 3 meters in side

♡♡Remote control switch: when the switch on the light switch on, you can control with the remote control, a single piece of 22 lights, two of 14 bright, three of eight bright!

♡♡Conductor: 4 meters of wire

♡♡Charge time: sunlight direct solar panel 10 hours

Product Features

  • ♡♡ Material: ABS ♡♡ Color: White
  • ♡♡ Light Source: 22 LED ♡♡ Working Hours: 3-6H
  • ♡♡ Charging Time: 6-8H ♡♡ Battery: 3.7V 1000MAH lead acid battery
  • ♡♡ Lamp Size: Approx. 13 * 11cm / 5.1 * 4.3inch ♡♡ Solar Panel: Approx. 12 * 7.5cm / 4.7 * 3.0inch
  • ♡♡ Package Weight: Approx. 292g

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