JOYIN 25 Ft Clear Globe G40 String Lights Set with 25 G40 Incandescent Bulbs, Waterproof, Dimmable, End-to-end – CE Listed Indoor/ Outdoor

Durable, Reliable, and Versatile:
WATERPROOF, it can be used in rainy and snowy weather.
Easy to arrange under tents, on rooftops, or in garages and gardens.
Nickel plated bases prevent corrosion to improve connectivity and keep bulbs bright.
Plug strings together using end-to-end connectors. If one light goes out, the rest stay lit.
Removable bulbs provide flexibility for easy replacement and customizable designs.
Create a tranquil or natural mood as light shines from a visible filament.
CE Listed light strings, engineered for your safety.
Bulb Count: 25 Bulb
Spacing: 12 in.
Diameter of Bulb: 1.5 in.
Bulb & Socket Type: G40 w/ a C7 / E12 base
Lighted Length: 24 ft
The lead cable Length:1 ft
Total Length (end to end): 25 ft
Length of segment from plug to 1st bulb: 1/2 ft (6 in.)
CE Listed for Indoor / Outdoor Use. Connect up to max. of 3 strands
mood lighting,general lighting, festoon lighting, outdoor lighting strings, gazebo lights, Christmas Lights, Festoon lights, Decorative lights.
Hotel or other architectural lighting.
Garden lighting , shop lighting , down lighting.
Living lighting,bedroom lighting. Ideal for illuminating homes
Once strand is secured, screw bulbs into empty sockets. In case of windy conditions, install strands far apart enough so bulbs don’t collide.
For one-person or high installations, secure each end of strand securely, one by one. To prevent bulbs from breaking upon impact, move strands slowly during installation.

Product Features

  • WATERPROOF,CE LISTED: Traditional filament lights can be used in rainy and snowy weather,great for indoor use and outdoor use. Light bulbs have candelabra (E12) socket base, Bulb Count: 25 Bulb, Each bulb power: 7W, Diameter of Bulb: 1.5 in, 12″ spacing between bulbs, Lighted Length: 24 ft, the lead cable Length:1 ft, total lenght: 25ft, cable weight:0.9KG, cable model:2×1.0㎡.
  • END TO END, HIGH QUALITY CABLE: Convenient and easy to setup the connection from point to point according to user’s need, good quality wires are safe and reliable since it’s fireproof and electric isolated.
  • ADEQUATE LIGHT, LONG SERVICE LIFE: Regular size globular bulb is beautiful and practical. Comparison with other string lights, not only decorate your home , but also provide lighting. It’s perfectly suitable for use in garden, gazebo and other areas.The string light is in parallel connected which prevents one failed bulb influence to other bulbs, if one bulb go out, you just replace it.
  • This festoon lights works on 110 volt to 230 volt. In order to ensure safety, it needs high quality cable( UK standard cable), the weight of our lights is 1600g. Part G40 string lights are not satisfy this standard like ours. They use US cable with only a single PVC protection which is not safe. According to the UK standard, the cable must be double PVC protection. So part G40 lights can’t be passed CE certification. Their socket is non-waterproof, but our lights is completely waterproof.
  • We offer 1-Year quality guarantee. All our scene graph are without any modification, the bulb is dimmable, it can be used with dimmer switch. For Bulbs replacement, please search ASIN#B01791OQKW.

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