Kingfisher 50 White LED Solar String Lights

50 Pack of Solar String Lights

Product Features

  • 50 String Solar Lights
  • White LED
  • Ideal for use in the garden
  • Automatically comes on at dusk
  • 6.9m string length

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3 Responses to Kingfisher 50 White LED Solar String Lights

  1. JanW says:

    Away with the Fairies In my humble opinion, I’d say don’t waste your money. Yes I think I was away with the fairies when I purchased these solar garden lights. I used two of the 4 sets I purchased down one fence at the front of my bungalow. But these outdoor garden lights are so small I cannot see the lights furthest from my lounge window.(approximately 20ft). They may work better on a window sill (but you’d NEED both sets), but outdoors they’re a joke. Frankly. I was trying to do a simple outdoor Christmas light…

  2. Anonymous says: