LED Solar Table Lamp Desk Lamp White Night Lights Indoor Outdoor Decoration Table Lights (White)

Product introduction:
1.The lamp is a green, environmentally friendly product that is converted into electricity through high quality solar panels and charged to a built-in rechargeable battery.
2.The lamp should be placed in sunny places so as to maximize the absorption of solar energy.The light emitting light is LED and can work for 6-8 hours when charged.
3.This table lamp is designed for bedroom and outdoor dining table. As for this special purpose, so the brightness is not high. It is a decoration light rather than a lamp for lighting.

Product Specification:
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Package Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 x 26.5 cm
Working Time:6-8 hours
Power source type: Solar pewered
Battery:3 X 1.2v AA600MA NIMH rechargeable battery (pre-installed)

Warm prompt:
1. After receiving the lamps and lanterns, please bear in mind the day had better not use rush and turn on the switch to make it in the sun a good case in first to activate cells, like we buy a new phone, produce electricity is not full load, solar lamps and lanterns, too, for the first time to let it charging time longer, otherwise it will affect the service life of the batter
2. The solar panels can be charged in the environment with direct sunlight or strong light.
3. When the solar cell is in normal use, it can charge 4-7 hours each time, and the sufficient electricity can be used for 6-8 hours.
4. When the light is dimmed, it should be stopped to ensure the service life of the battery.

Product Features

  • High-performance Solar Panel: Table lights are powered by solar panel (8 x 8 cm), the lighting time can last for 6-8 hours when the battery is fully charged under sunlight or strong light
  • Automatic Light Sensor Switch: Built-in sensor switch enable the lamp light up in dark automatically and go off when exposed to strong light.
  • Elegant design, appearance is simple, beautiful, use to decorate bedroom, living room, dining-room is a kind of good choice.
  • Solar powered lights, Energy-saving and environmentally. Built-in power source makes it wireless.
  • Soft light, not only can be used to illuminate also can be used to adjust atmosphere, make the atmosphere of sweet romance

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