LemonBest® Waterproof Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light Wall Lamp Night Light for Garden, Yard, Aisle, Porch, Patio, Driveway etc.

LemonBest® Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light Wall Lamp Night Light

LED: 6pcs, 0.3W
Light Colour: Cool white
Colour Temp: 6000-6500K
Lighting Mode: OFF / DIM Light / High Light
Off: restore energy and keep darkness the daytime.
Dim Light: weak lighting at darkness when there is no motion activated
High Light: bright lighting at darkness when motion is activated.
Motion Sensor Range: ≤ 8m / 26ft
Motion Angle: Approx. 120°
Light Delay Out Time: Approx. 2s
Solar Panel: 5V, 0.25W
Battery: Li-ion AA 3.7V 600mA (included)
Work Time: 6-12 hours after 1 day sunlight charging
Charging Time: 6-8 hours

* Remove the protective film from the solar panel before using;
* Please fully charge before the first using;
* Make sure click the “ON/OFF” button on the back of the light for the first time before using;
* Place or install the solar lamp under the sunlight without any shade;
* Solar panel can charge quicker under strong sunlight. It may cannot charge or charge slowly under weak sunlight. The charging time depends on the sunlight intensity;

1. Solar panel surface must be kept clean to collect sunlight effectively;
2. The battery might be out of power if there is no good sunlight in 3 mouths. And reactivate and unlock the device is required, otherwise it cannot work;
3. Under extreme cold temperatures, or in a cloudy, or rainy, or snowy day, battery may not be fully charged. In such cases, solar lamp may not stay illuminated as given time

1 * Solar LED wall light
1 * Mounted accessories

Product Features

  • Super Bright : High powered 6 LEDs provide excellent illumination to light. It can illuminate your home, yard, driveway, patio and anywhere in which getting solar energy.
  • Automatically Sensor: The light will turn on at night, and automatically turn off in the day time. It will be in “dim light” mode at darkness until it senses motion; when sensing motion it will activate the “high light” in the darkness. Detect motion within 8m/26ft and 120 degrees angle. “High light” mode will turns off 20 seconds after motion stops.
  • Environmental Friendly: recharged by sunlight at daytime and store power for night lighting. provide 8-12 hours of illumination at night from just 8 hours of charging during the day.
  • Easy installation: It requires NO wiring! You can fix it to any surface such as bricks, stucco, wood, metal, etc. It’s easy to install with the screws and plugs provided.
  • Waterproof and Durable: IP65 waterproof, 2 years warrenty.

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2 Responses to LemonBest® Waterproof Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light Wall Lamp Night Light for Garden, Yard, Aisle, Porch, Patio, Driveway etc.

  1. Rainbow90 says:

    Very effective, and easy to fit. This is the second solar light I have purchased from LemonBest, and I am pleased to report this one is just as fantastic as the other design. The first one I bought was to illuminate the path to the front door, and this one is on the side of the house to light up the gate and path to the back garden. My neighbours cat was already annoyed about the first one, now he is furious. There he is stealthily hunting in the dark, he runs by my light and boom suddenly he is illuminated in light as bright…

  2. redarrow says:

    Effective & useful We have a darkish area in our garden, that always seems inky black when the dogs get let out for their final ablutions, so this solar powered light caught my eye, and I wondered whether it would help with the problem at all.It arrived promptly and well packed, my first thought was that it was slightly smaller than I was expecting, and then my second thought was that we don’t get that much sun in Wales, so would it be any good? However, my worries were proved unfounded- the light was amply…