Lumify® USB Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights – Warm White 100 LEDs

Add fairy lighting anywhere outside quickly and easily with our premium grade Lumify USB Solar Fairy Lights.

Lumify uses our latest high efficiency circuit design backed up with enhanced USB charging and our new Powersaving technology to guarantee unrivalled performance night after night, year after year.

Lumify have been designed to work year round in the UK using solar power alone – but they can also be charged quickly and easily via USB. Lumify can operate for up to 12 nights from a single 4 hour USB charge with little help from the sun which means they can keep working through extended dull spells before fully recharging on sunnier days.

Powersaving mode is for those that don’t have a reasonable solar panel location available in winter and aren’t able to USB charge. Lumify’s Powersaving mode reduces the brightness of the lights slightly which doubles the available runtime each night.

Lumify USB Solar Fairy Lights can be installed in a matter of minutes by using the supplied stake or wall mount which gives you the option to position your solar panel in your lawn, flower bed, plant pots or mount it to walls, fences or decking.

Product Features

  • Lumify are premium quality solar powered fairy lights that can also be fully charged by USB in just a few hours
  • Lumify allow you to add fairy lighting anywhere outdoors quickly and easily without the need for mains power
  • Lumify offer mains brightness from a portable product that can work for 12 nights from a single USB charge with no help from the sun
  • Lumify’s optional Powersaving mode reduces brightness slightly which doubles runtime – perfect if you don’t have a good solar panel location
  • Lumify are designed specifically to work in UK winter and are simple, quick and safe to install with everything you need in the box

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