MaxKare Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Insect Killer Trap with UV Light Attract, Pest Fly and Wasp Killer Indoor for Residential Home and Commercial Use (20W)

Traditional ways to avoid the disturbance of annoying insects are always low-efficient, harmful, or even expensive. The MaxKare Electric Bug Zapper attracts insects by light and eliminate them via the high voltage from the grid, causing no pollution to environment, and what’s more important, it keeps you free of chemicals and insecticide, safe and healthy.

Product Features:
1.Friendly to users and environment with no toxins, chemicals, no traps, and insecticides.
2.Coverage area of the effect reaches up to 538.2 sq.ft if the light source of the bug killer is not blocked.
3.The tube light bulbs are made with special phosphor to effectively attract mosquitoes to the wire net with the unique spectrum.
4.The electric circuit is designed to be current-limiting, energy-saving, and highly efficient.

User Tips:
-Keep the mosquito killer beyond reach of children.
-Please do not reach high-voltage net directly with hands holding electric-conductive objects to avoid electric shocks.
-Please do not use the mosquito zapper in places with inflammables and explosives.
-Please keep the space ventilated after usage to eliminate unpleasant odors.
-please avoid using together with bright light.

1 x Electric mosquito zapper
1 x User manual

Product Features

  • 【Insect Attraction & Elimination】Specially-designed tube light bulbs emit light source with unique spectrum to efficiently attract insects like mosquitoes and flies to touch the high-voltage metal grid, instantly killing them
  • 【Natural & Chemical-free Insect Control】 The insect zapper kills insects physically, keeping your loved ones and you from exposure to harmful chemicals while being friendly to environment without pollution
  • 【Perfect Indoor Use with Wide Coverage Area】Designed to spread light in all directions with coverage area reaching up to 538.2 sq.ft if the light source is not blocked, ideal for indoor use like bedroom, living room, office, store, and so on
  • 【User-friendly】Protective mesh screen helps prevent accidental contact with the grid to guarantee safety; The removable tray on the bottom collects the killed insects and allows being washed for easy and fast maintenance
  • 【Easy to Use】Comes with 2 rings on the top for convenient hanging to keep reach beyond children, or simply place it on a flat place; Then simply plug in, press the power button, and enjoy a peaceful life free of pesky insects

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