MINGER 3W G4 COB LED Bulbs, NO Flicker AC/DC 12V, 30W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, 250LM, Warm White 3000k Lighting Blub for Interior Lighting, Signal Lights, Lamps and Fixtures (10-Pack)

1. Lead-free mercury-free, no UV, infrared radiation, to ensure the health of your family;
2. To create a comfortable warm lighting effect, ≥ 80 CRI to restore the true color of man and nature;
3. Energy-saving bright, G4 LED lamp is equivalent to 30W halogen lamp, you can light the entire room;
4.Small and delicate, easy to install small bulb contains a huge light energy, decorate your room away from darkness

Base: G4
Chip: 1505 COB
Dimmable: No
Voltage: DC/AC12V
Power: 3.0W
Luminous Flux: 250lm
CCT: Warm White 3000K
CRI: RA>80
Beam angle: 360 degrees
Light effect: 90-100lm / w
Life expectancy: 30000h
Material: Silicone

① If you used a halogen lamp before, it is a compatibility issue between our lamp and your transformer or dimmer. If the g4 led flashes, you can try 1-3 halogen lamps and g4 led work, or replace the matching transformer.
② LED g4 light can not be dimmed, g4 led standard voltage of 12V, but in some cases the voltage fluctuations can still work properly. AC / DC G4 led bulb can work at 16V, which is the largest.

10×G4 LED Bulb
1×User manual

Product Features

  • Will not Dim: AC / DC 12V G4 LED is compatible with AC12V and DC / 12V, if you use the transformer with led will not flash or darken;
  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, saving 90% energy, replacing 30w halogen bulbs with only 3w G4 cob LED bulb; mercury-free and UV-free
  • High performance – CRI> 80 ra, accurate and comfortable lighting; 360 ° beam angle; no flickering or humming; Do not let your eyes feel harsh and uncomfortable, emitting warm lighting
  • Easy Installation:Standard G4 base, can be easily fitted instead of ordinary halogen bulbs
  • One-stop service warranty and long life: 1 year warranty, 30,000 hours life span or 27.4 years based on 3 hours / day; Fast customer online attention: 24 hours by email reply; Warranty free replacement or installation guide

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3 Responses to MINGER 3W G4 COB LED Bulbs, NO Flicker AC/DC 12V, 30W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, 250LM, Warm White 3000k Lighting Blub for Interior Lighting, Signal Lights, Lamps and Fixtures (10-Pack)

  1. L. Marchant says:

    Good enough but not a perfect match I use g4 bulbs in a wall light fitting as per pictures. The larger size of these LED bulbs compared to the halogen ones therefore doesn’t matter. I’ve replaced one of the three so far (on the right of the light fitting). As you can see it’s more visible than the other two when the light is off because of the yellow colour of the LED units. When the light is on, I think that the brightness of the LED is about the same as the others, but I don’t think the colour temperature matches despite them…

  2. Jonathan Bromley says:

    Great value lamps, need to be aware of minor limitations EDIT (May 2017): Towards the end of my original review I mentioned a mild flickering that I was able to fix by swapping lamps around in multi-lamp fittings. A few months on, it’s become clearer what’s going on. It is definitely some interaction between the regulators in multiple lamps connected to the same transformer. I’ve now used this in two multi-lamp fittings, one with an electronic and one conventional transformer, and in both cases I’ve had the same problem which keeps recurring…

  3. Graham Richardson says:

    Save yourself time and risk by not needing to climb on the chair to replace halogens!