MuSheng TM 20 AA Rechargeable Batteries NiCd 700mAh 1.2v Garden Solar Ni-Cd Light LED

Model: Ni-Cd1.2V
Charging time: 1.5(h)
Overall size: 50*14(mm)
Standard voltage: 1.2(V)
Applicable Products:Power Tools
Rated capacity: 300
The new battery must go through 4 or 5 cycles of charge and discharge to enter the optimal state. The first three times should be fully charged and used up as much as possible. After full activation, the capacity can reach the maximum value.
Package: 20xNi-Cd 1.2V 700mAh Battery

Product Features

  • ☏ Perfect for Everyday devices such as Digital cameras, torches, LED lights, CD/MP3 players, toys, games controllers.
  • ☏ Low reoccurring operation cist, Short -circuit and over-current protection
  • ☏ Safe and environmental friendly
  • ☏ Rated capacity: 300
  • ☏Package: 20xNi-Cd 1.2V 700mAh Battery

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