Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight

Nocturne For many of us the moon, and the chill light it casts, are things we either ignore or take for granted. From Normandy to Naples, Wales to Arizona, Las Vegas to Japan, this title explores moonlight’s many moods and meanings. Full description

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  1. SA Brain says:

    Moonstruck for moonlight James Attlee, by profession an art publisher, could be said to be moonstruck, and this book is full of very discursive accounts of his own experiences of the moon. He often rushes out of doors at night to walk or even drive some distances to where he can observe it unpolluted by street lighting against which he rages many times. He is an acute and intense observer, noticing the minutest effects of moonlight where it touches water or material objects.These accounts are interspersed…

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