Oscar Extreme Solar Post Lights (Set of 4) by SPV Lights: The Solar Lights & Lighting Specialists (Free 2 Year Warranty Included)

The perfect combination of great looks and practicality; the Oscar Solar Post Light will add brightness and a welcoming glow to your garden. This solar powered outdoor light creates an attractive feature while providing safety and security, lighting up dark areas of your garden, path or driveway.

With twice the power of similar lights available, the Oscar Solar Post Light has a streamlined shape with an attractive two-tone design that combines a stainless steel base alongside a frosted panel.

With high-quality stainless steel and a corrosion-resistant spike, these lights are designed to maintain their performance and smart looks year after year.

Where to use

Provided in a set of four, these solar powered garden lights can be used in a range of ways throughout your garden. The sturdy spike allows you to easily position the lights wherever you need them and they can be used in lawns, flowerbeds, planters or borders.

You can use the Oscar Solar Post Lights as a decorative feature around patios and decks and they are perfect for providing illumination as you relax with family and friends on a warm evening. Alternatively, they can be positioned strategically alongside paths and driveways to provide added security, lighting up the route to your property; keeping you safe on a dark night.

The spike cleverly stores neatly within the lamp when not in use so you can easily transport the lights, making them perfect for camping trips too.


It’s so easy to fit the Oscar Solar Post Lights straight from the box. All the fittings you’ll need are included so you can start enjoying your lights in no time. Each light includes its own long and sturdy spike which can be used even in tough ground.


Each light measures:

Height: 40cm (57.8cm including spike)

Diameter: 7.8cm

Product Features

  • 4 x solar powered post lights • 1 x ground spike included per light • 1 x white SMD LED bulb per light • Monocrystalline solar panel
  • No need to connect to mains • No electricity costs charges using power from the sun • Rechargeable battery supplied
  • Designed for use all year round outdoors • Easy installation – no DIY skills required • Waterproof and weather resistant (water resistance rating: IP67)
  • Designed for UK climate • Automatically turns on/off at dusk and dawn • On/off switch if you prefer to control manually
  • Stainless Steel Construction • Up to 8 hours run time • CE/ROHS certified • 2-year guarantee

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3 Responses to Oscar Extreme Solar Post Lights (Set of 4) by SPV Lights: The Solar Lights & Lighting Specialists (Free 2 Year Warranty Included)

  1. James ONeill says:

    9hrs of light on first use, and high quality finish This package consists of four lighting pillars, approximately 30 cm high and made from brushed stainless steel with a white/translucent lighting section.On top of each pillar is a hockey-puck sized solar panel, which includes a battery pack and a single, high output LED.The only assembly required is the insertion of the plastic ground spike into the base.Unfortunately, as my ground was frozen solid, I was unable to use these spikes, but I got around the issue by…

  2. Adel says:

    One Star

  3. Anonymous says: