PAWACA Solar Hanging Crystal Ball Light,Outdoor Hanging Decorative Sparkling Crystals Gazing Ball with Solar Powered Color Changing LED Light

Are you Looking for the perfect lights to add a beautiful sparkling glow to your space? Yes,The Pawaca Solar Hanging Crystal Ball Light is your best choice !!!

1.The Solar Hanging Crystal Ball Light is your solution to creating the perfect atmosphere! This extremely durable crystal ball is made with LED lighting technology for long lasting performance and quality
2.It is waterproof which makes it suitable for any outdoor environment. The hard plastic constructed crystals can withstand most outdoor elements like wind and light snow so you feel comfortable enjoying your beautifully lit space while leaving a lasting impression on family and friends
3.They are innovatively designed with a LED bulb that hangs from the center of the crystal ball illuminating the crystals that softly change in seven different colors

These eye-catching lights are perfect for porches, gazebos, patios, outdoor parties, events, and much more.

How to use
1.It works by placing the solar powered panel directly under sunlight to charge LED lights
2.Avoid putting the panel under shadows from trees, walls, or buildings
3.Once fully charged the LED lights will automatically light up at night or in darkness. Total working time is between 8-12 hours and total charging time is approximately 6 hours

What are you waiting for? Create a beautifully lit backdrop for parties and special occasions!!!

Package include:
3 pack Solar Hanging Crystal Ball Light

Product Features

  • Unique Decoration – Sparkling crystal ball creates beautiful hanging decoration for any outdoor space,Featuring a color changing LED bulb which hangs in the center of this gazing ball illuminating the crystals at night, calmly and softly changing from one color to the next, adding some unique & awesome decoration to your lawn, garden, patio, yard,etc
  • Solar Powered – These gazing ball lights are maintenance free.The solar panel on top charges the battery during the day through sunlight and then turns it into solar energy that will automatically power the crystal ball at night
  • 7 Rotating Colors – Illuminates at night by softly changing from one color to the next — Adds style and ambiance to any lawn, garden, patio, or backyard. wireless, portable design with a hook for easy hanging wherever you need nighttime lighting or decoration
  • Waterproof and Durable – Weather-proof metal, durable glass, and plastic that can withstand years of rain, wind, and snow—No wiring or batteries necessary
  • Fast and Easy to Install – Comes fully assembled,simply take out of the box and hang it at the location of your choice.Enjoy your choice

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