PowerBee ® Endurance Deluxe Solar Fairy Lights 100 Quality Superbright LED’s Multi Function Indoor / Outdoor Garden, Party, Tree Lights for ALL YEAR round use including winter

PowerBee Quality / Easy to Install / No Mains necessary / Longer Performance / Everything included

Perfect for anyone wanting to use fairy lights outside without the need to install mains making them far safer and versatile. Perfect for
creating that special magical mood for parties, porches, pergolas, house facia’s and small size trees or just enjoying your Garden in Summer

PowerBee solar fairy lights recharge themselves during the day from light and when they sense darkness falls, automatically switch on and
light up for up to 10 hours every night they represent the latest technology in solar fairy lights and have a patented design


Our Units also offer an on/off and auto function and a total of 8 different selectable flashing modes for that special occasion :

AUTO – will cycle the lights through
Slow Glow
linear flash
Chasing Flash
Twinkle Flash

Box Contains

Powerful 300 mah Grade A Polycrystaline solar charging unit
1 * 1000 mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable AA batteries (included) Replaceable / rechargeable
USB charging cable for VERY dull days and port to charge via USB
1 * 100 weatherproof led string ( 2.4 Meters to first light then 9.9 Metres of lights 100 led’s in total)
Our Strings are pure bright white no blue in the spectrum avoiding that cold feel
Wall mount
Ground Spike
Extremely easy to install
Includes Everything you need
Full instructions
Manufacturers Standard Guarantee for 6 months

It should be noted that these solar lights are designed to work in the UK ALL through the year
and really do last in to the early hours of the morning on sunny days unlike some cheaper brands!

Product Features

  • Simply better quality our Patented solar fairy lights with 100 Higher Quality weatherproof Superbright LED’s for ALL YEAR ROUND, no mains necessary at all! Please take a look at the close up image on Amazon, this displays the quality of our products, you will see the panel has more cells which generate more power, the build quality is exceptional, the circuit inside is patented, all components are very high quality, which ensures our units just keep on going
  • True multi function 8 user selectable functions – constant on / auto / flashing / chase … for parties / mood creation what ever takes your mood, this year we have introduced the new slow glow function which is very relaxing
  • Automatically switch themselves on and off at dusk / dawn – no maintenance – simple assembly (plug and go) Simply set the unit up select the setting and they will operate every night without fail
  • Patented design allows these quality lights to work longer through the whole year far longer than others / south facing aspect out of shade is essential in winter where longevity of light is required, this year the unit has been even further improved with a charging port and USB cable to allow charging via USB if necessary where the location is impossible for light, we have also introduced a replace able string so that if you damage the string you can just replace this part.
  • wall mount / floor – windowsill stand / ground spike / 6 months warranty all included / USB charging cable for very dull days / everything you need is included

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2 Responses to PowerBee ® Endurance Deluxe Solar Fairy Lights 100 Quality Superbright LED’s Multi Function Indoor / Outdoor Garden, Party, Tree Lights for ALL YEAR round use including winter

  1. John Mcpherson says:

    Best lights on the market!

  2. paul says:

    Impressed at first then they start failing in no time Like many people on here i was very impressed with these lights when i first bought them, so much so that we ended up with 3 kinds and 4 different sets, 6-7 months down the line and they are failing, contacted the seller who tries to make out you are doing something wrong. My solar panel are high off the ground, we are south facing, I even tried charging them indoors on the usb lead they supply and some of the lights have failed completely. On the coloured ones the blue lights failed and on the…