PowerBee ® Solar Ray Solar Shed Light 48 Superbright led’s Motion Activated Mains equivalent for your garden shed, garage or outbuilding

Power – Mains Equivalent / Reliability / Ease of use / Made to last Years / Motion Activated / Stays on Whilst motion is detectable

Solar shed lights have just got better!

The PowerBee solar RayTM Shed Light, has 48 superbright LED’s giving enough quality light to clearly see in any shed or garage ,
and is movement activated The Solar Ray TM PIR shed light turns itself on when movement is detected, and will stay on whilst movement
is detected and when you leave your shed / greenhouse or outbuilding, it turns itself off.

The solar panel will charge the 1 * 2400 maH Li-Ion battery in any UK conditions including winter!
The PIR will detect movement up to 4 meters away, making it perfect for a mutiltitude of applications including a shed ligt, security light,
welcome light etc

There is no need for a remote control with this unit as the light is automatically turned on as soon as you open the door to your shed or greenhouse,
or when movement is detected which makes it perfect for a shed light but also a security light for your shed or garage


48 superbright LED’s – mains equivalent lighting! 288 Lumens
All year round Indoor use designed for the UK!
PIR Detection range: 6 meters
360 degree PIR detection
2.5 watt multi-crystaline silicon solar panel
1 * 2400 maH Ni-Mh AA battery (included) Very easy to change without need to unscrew the unit!
On/Off switch (on is pir mode)
After one days charge unit will operate for 1 hour and 4 hours if the battery is fully charged
5 meters of cable between panel and light
12 months guarantee as standard

This is the ultimate in solar shed lighting and at this price
we believe it is the most powerful reliable shed light available today anywhere in the UK and Europe!

Product Features

  • Solar shed light with 48 quality superbright led’s equivalent to 40 watts of light! (this is mains equivalent so no squinting in the dark), motion activated – this means that the unit will turn itself on so no fumbling around looking for a switch, 120 degree detection
  • pir will detect movement and switch on automatically and stays on whilst movement is detected
  • powerful 2.5 watt crystaline solar panel – 5 meters of cable beteen panel and unit! – built in high quality 2400 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery for all year round operation
  • operates all year round sturdy construction – mains equivalent – we have supplied a very high quality large panel that is guaranteed to work all year around
  • full instructions provided full easy to fit kit everything you need / 12 months warranty as standard

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