PryEU Fairy String Lights Saltwater Powered (No Solar Battery) Multicoloured Waterproof 100 LEDs 39.4Ft 12M for Xmas Indoor Outside Garde Patio Party Tree Yard Decoration

Product Name:Multicoloured Led Fairy String Lights powered by salt water with Magnesium-bar
Brand: PryEU

Energy Consumption: < 0.3W (Output current, < 100ma)
Light Colour:Multi-Colour Flash
Working Temperature: -15°C – 55°C
Material: ABS, Rubber, Cu
Water Capacity: 300 ml
Salt Rated Weight: 15g (salt not include in package)
Package Dimensions: approx 4.13×4.65×8.07 inches
Gross weight: approx 0.43 kilograms / 15.2 ounces

Package List:

1 x 10m Led string lights with Control Box(Control box consist of water tank, control box cover, Magnesium bar)
1 x Manual book(please READ carefully)
1 x Lifting rope with 2 rings
3 x Salt bag with 15g mark(for measuring salt)

1, Replace the salt water once a week for daily working 24 hrs; Replace the Magnesium bar every 35 days if it works 24hrs every day
2, When water levels drops and find hard lumps, the water should be replaced;
3, The salt water must be poured out if not used for more than 1 week
4, Magnesium bar is consumable, if run out, please contact us for purchasing or refer to the link for details:

Popular Application: ideal for indoor and outdoor decoration, it won’t be affected by bad weather, popular used in trees, doors, windows, staircases, art crafts, painting frame, wine bottle, patio, balcony, bars, boat decks, garden, gazebo, driveway, lawn, front yard, back yard, apartment, Christmas, wedding, party or camping music festival etc.

– 30-Day Refund or Replacement Guarantee(Not applicable to Magnesium-bar)
– DO NOT accept the return of non-quality Requirements

Product Features

  • Green energy Christmas lights, ZERO cost, powered by salt water or seawater, do NOT need solar battery, can be used indoors and outdoors, it won’t be affected by bad weather like cloudy, raining and snowy days.
  • The multicoloured fairy lights have several different blinking modes with 100 LEDs, total length 12m, including 2m lead, Red/Green/Blue/Yellow 4 colours changing, good for Xmas, holiday, festive, wedding, party, garden, tree, patio, yard decorations.
  • Child-friendly, environmentally-friendly, the led string lights perfect for outside lighting, besides, there’re more buying choices for holiday decoration and link: (rgb led strip), (rgb floodlight).
  • Easy to install and enjoy, unclip the red house-box with 2 clips at the top and pour in 300ml seawater or equivalent by adding 15g salt with 300ml fresh water, then close the lid and fasten the retaining clip, and pull the rubber cover to ensure venlilation, lastly, push the button repeatedly for different flash modes.
  • ATTENTION, add 30g salt while temeperature is lower than 0 °C, 45g while lower than -10 °C or in case of freezing, and change the salt water once a week for daily working 24 hrs, replace the Magnesium-bar every 35 dayswhile works 24hrs every day

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3 Responses to PryEU Fairy String Lights Saltwater Powered (No Solar Battery) Multicoloured Waterproof 100 LEDs 39.4Ft 12M for Xmas Indoor Outside Garde Patio Party Tree Yard Decoration

  1. The Seldom Seen Kid says:

    SCIENCE MEETS SANTA WITH THIS SALT-WATER POWERED STRING OF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS If you remember your schooldays in Chemistry class, then there is every likelihood that you will recall an experiment using a graphite rod, a magnesium rod and some salt water to generate voltage to illuminate a small torch bulb. Well, this most unusual set of low-voltage LED Christmas fairy lights is powered exactly on that principle. The red container houses a flat rectangle of graphite and a removable/replaceable magnesium rod. The magnesium rod is the anode and the piece of graphite is the…

  2. Quazzi says:

    Nice set of lights powered by water and salt I was really unsure what I would think of these as I have never heard of saline lights before but I thought the design was so cute and loved the small size of the lights so figured why not try them. I was very impressed with these! They are very easy to use and very bright. Simply fill one of the included bags to the line with salt and dump it in. Then, add water to the top of the black section, give it a gentle swirl to make sure it’s mixing some and you are good to go! The instructions that…

  3. G.K Reviews says:

    Delighted with the product