PUGO TOP® Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light 8 LEDs Wall Light for Yard Garden Path 2-Pack

Electrical Characteristics:

1. Solar panel: 0.48W. 17% efficiency

2. Li-ion battery: 2.96WH

3. LED power: 1W, 6000K-6500K

4. Motion angle and distance: 120degrees, 10ft

5. Night sensor: < 10Lux

6. Delay time: 10s

7. Size: 96*124*48mm

8. Switch: OFF/AUTO

Two steps easy to check whether the light can work or not

1. Unlock the product, charging the light by direct sunlight around 8 hrs.

2. Cover the solar panel with your hand, if the light is on, the product is working.

Operation Instructions

1. Unlock and activate the solar light

The internal battery is locked from factory for safety shipment, so users have to use supplied Key Pin to click the “on/off” Switch Hole and unlock the battery and lighting system.

2. How to Install the device?

Please use the supplied expansion pillar-hinge and screw to mount the device on pole or wall and anywhere outside you want for lighting.

3. Charging via solar panel

Please install the unit face south and make sure the solar panel can get the good sunlight directly without any shelter or glass.Normally it can be fully charged in one day under ideal bright sunlight.

4. Night sensor function

It will auto turn on in darkness or at night,and auto turn off when in daytime or bright area.

Special Note

1. Please fully charge the device for 2 or 3 sunny days before first use.

2. Two modes: on/off. NO DIM MODE.

Package Content

2 x PUGO TOP Solar Motion Sensor Light

2 x Expansion pillar-hinge

2 x Screw

2 x Key pin

2 x Manual

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Product Features

  • 【Easy to install】- Just use the supplied Key Pin to click the “on/off” Switch Hole to unlock the battery and lighting system, then screw it on the wall by the supplied screw.
  • 【Ultra-Bright】- There are 8 powerful LEDs and the motion angle is 120 degrees which can provide excellent illumination and turn the dark space into a bright lighted space. It’s a perfect choice to be used in garden, fence, patio, deck, yard, driveway, stairs, outside wall etc.
  • 【High Efficiency and Eco-Friendly】- This light is charged by exposuring to sunlight in day for around 8 hours. Then its rechargeable 1200mAh Li-ion battery can store the power for over 12 hours working time at night.
  • 【Night sensor and PIR motion function】- It will turn on automatically in darkness or at night, and turn off automatically when in daytime or bright area. The PIR motion sensor fuction makes this light can be activated when movement is detected within 10ft.
  • 【Waterproof and Heatproof】- This light is waterproof and durable with solid hard plastic construction which can withstand years of usage.

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