ROXY-G2 (Warm White LED) Solar Outdoor/ Indoor Lighting Kit with Lithium Battery, Auto On/ Off, 3-Level Brightness Control, 15ft Cable, for Garage / Cabin / Yard / Shed Light, Warm White Light

Solar oudoor-indoor lighting made easy. You can choose to permanently mount the light fixture with screws, or use double-sided tape for temporary placement because the LED light fixture is so light thus enables great mobility!

Roxy-G2 can be applied in places where there’s no wiring but light is required, or simply replacing out-of-service light fittings as seen in the bus station picture. Possible areas of installation include: kitchen, attice, shed, tree house, garage, workshop, cabin, RV, dark stairway, gazebo, patio, deck, and even retrofit a bus station.

With the new aesthetic design of bubble texture lens, light emission casts a peacock-like spread on the wall behind light fixture – you can even use this as a picture lighting! The possiblity with Roxy-G2 is enormous.

The light only comes on at night.

This is a Warm White LED shed light.

Product Features

  • Light fixture is fitted with Lithium battery: 3.7V 2400mAh. High power LED: 9pcs, 150 lumen. Textured lens for optimum brightness, minimum glare, and enhanced light projection. Push button ON/OFF switch.
  • Aluminium frame polycrystalline solar panel: 6V 2W. Cable length 15ft conveniently allows placement of solar panel for optimum sunlight exposure.
  • ROXY-G2 is made of durable ABS & Aluminum construction.
  • When used as outdoor lighting, place the PRESS BUTTON switch downward to prevent rain water accumulation/ water seepage. Ideal for shed, garage, cabin, car porch, balcony, backyard. ***TURN OFF THE LIGHT AND CHARGE UNDER SUNLIGHT FOR 10 HOURS BEFORE USE. LOW BATTERY POWER DURING SHIPPING A PRACTICE FOR GOOD SAFETY. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND OTHERS’ SAFETY.***
  • Package includes: 1*light fixture with Warm White LED, 1*solar panel, 1*15ft cable.

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