Smart Solar Bright Eye Stony Owl

Smart Garden 10cm Bright-Eyed Owl Solar Light. Add charm and character to garden spaces. Beautify lawns, patios, decking, and more. Made from weatherproof resin. Authentic stone-effect finish. 1 x LED in each eye. Discreet panel absorbs solar energy during day. Uses it to power rechargeable battery. Battery automatically activates LEDs at dusk. Operating time: 6+ hours (fully charged). No wires for easy placement. Size (cm): H10 x W9 x D8.Beautify your garden by day and add a warming glow at night with this bright-eyed solar owl light from Smart Garden. The stone-effect garden owl ornament has a discreet panel which absorbs solar energy during the day and uses it to power its ultra-bright LEDs at dusk.Because the solar powered owl light has no trailing wires, you can place it anywhere within direct sunlight. Solar energy is transferred to the owl garden light’s rechargeable batteries which are pre-programmed to automatically switch on its LEDs when darkness descends.During the summer months, when it’s particularly sunny, the owl solar light can absorb enough energy to stay powered for 6+ hours a night. The owl solar light’s on/off switch enables you turn it off when the sun’s in short supply and prolong the lifespan of its LEDs.Brand: Smart GardenWeatherproof resinStone effect finishLED in each eyeDiscreet solar panelAbsorbs solar energyUses it to power LEDsAutomatically come on at duskOperating time: 6+ hours (fully charged)Rechargeable battery (included)Size (cm): H10 x W9 x D8

Product Features

  • Operating time of up to 6 hrs on a full charge.
  • 2 x white LEDs per Owl.
  • Includes on/off switch.
  • Approx height of each owl: 10 cm
  • Features an integral solar panel that powers the spotlights at night.

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