Solalite White LED Outdoor Garden Solar Sun Powered Filigree Table Light


This Ceramic White LED Solar Filigree Light is an ideal centre piece for any garden table. It is both attractive and practical.

The ceramic globe around the light has an attractive filigree design all around which allows the light to shine out.

This light runs on solar power so does not need any mains power. During the day the solar panel collects energy from the sun and charges the pre-installed battery. The light then automatically switches on at dusk and will automatically go off at dawn.

During the winter times it will take longer for the batteries to reach full charge but they can be taken out and recharged indoors using a battery charger unit.

This light is perfect for any garden and will be a great conversation starter at any garden party. It can aslo be charged outdoors and then taken inside or can be placed in an indoor area that receives a large amount of sunlight, such as a window ledge, for example.

Product Features

  • Ceramic body with attractive filigree design
  • An elegant table centre-piece for outdoor entertaining and dining
  • Complete with solar panel that recharges the battery
  • For best results light should be charged for 6-12 hours approx
  • Diameter: 16cm x Height 11cm

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2 Responses to Solalite White LED Outdoor Garden Solar Sun Powered Filigree Table Light

  1. Rachel H says:

    Outdoor light Concept great. Very attractive design. But these lights are let down by an inadequate battery-charge panel and poor-reliability electronics. My previous purchase failed completely after a few months use while my new and present one illuminates for just an hour after dusk.I would be happy to pay more for a better designed product which performed better in the winter months (we don’t all inhabit the equatorial regions) and had more reliable electronics. No attempt has been made to render…