Solar: From Sunshine to Light Bulb (Source to Resource)

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3 Responses to Solar: From Sunshine to Light Bulb (Source to Resource)

  1. S Riaz says:

    Solar: From Sunshine to Light Bulb Written to support the geography curriculum at Key Stage 2, age 7-11, and particularly Environment Issues which gives some attention to solar power.This is described as being suitable for age 6-11, but unless a child is an exceptionally fluent reader and academically gifted, 7-8 is the minimum age at which a child will benefit from reading this book. This is a challenging topic for younger children.Well illustrated double page spreads chiefly focus on aspects of solar…

  2. 🐑 the lambanana 🍌 says:

    good This is one of a series of books titled, “Source to Resource,” which includes, “From Field to Plate,” “Raindrop to Tap,” “Oil Rig to Petrol Pump” and this title, “From Sunshine to Lightbulb.” This book is obviously about electricity and other forms of energy.In format, this is very much a typical non-fiction children’s book aimed at KS2 (approx 7-11 year olds). It is a hardback and so will last for a long while in…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I LOVED IT=========Although it’s a Children’s book it was fascinating and educational at the same time.If your child has a project about energy it’s a really good resource.The pictures are good and the overall writing is engaging (and not at all boring) for a dry subject.Key Stage 2==========I think the age range would be around age 7 or 8 and will nurture an interest in the subject.Key Stage 2, is age 7-11GOOD=====My…