Solar Garden Lights: Trying the Garden With Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights – Trying the Garden With Solar Garden Lights

Here is a preview:
There is never any sameness about a garden. Each year we learn about something new or else find an old flower in a new form. If you have never seen a row of gleaming, waxy white Penstemon grandiflorus in bloom you have something to look forward to. They are exactly the same as the orchid-colored one we know so well except in the pure whiteness of the color. Try to get most of the Penstemon seeds planted in late fall, They will then be among the very first things to germinate in the spring.
This year I had the Rose Moss called Portulaca Single Jewel. When it bloomed, I was disappointed that it did not fulfill the description of being four times as large as the ordinary Rose Moss but it was a uniform deep crimson color and it was larger than any other I had It made a lovely bank of color and was still blooming most profusely when Jack Frost came to call.
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