Solar Lights Motion Sensor Security Lights, Matone [Separable Solar Panel] Waterproof Solar Powered Lights Outdoor Lights with 10 LED for Garden, Fence, Yard, Stairs, Balcony, Stairs, Outside Wall etc

Product Description Are you looking for a solar light offering brightness to an area that isn’t typically exposed to sunlight like warehouse or garage?
If so, this Matone Solar Motion Light can be A Perfect Choice for you!

Ingenious Separable Design
This light is more practical and flexible to use than other similar lights. As you can separate the solar panel easily from the light unit, and use the attached extension cord to install it in a better location for optimum sun exposure while lighting in indoor place.

Longer Lighting Time
Featuring with updated solar panel, it converts more sunlight into electricity at daytime. So the light can provide over 12 hours illumination time with 10 powerful LEDs. It will brighten your way home whenever you need without extra expense.

Easy Installation
Super easy to install, no electrical wire needed. You can use the attached screws or with stickers to mount it in any places you want. Ideal security lights for your yard, sidewalk, garden, driveway, walkway, porch, patio, pathway, etc.

Solar Panel: 0.55W, 17% efficiency
Li-ion battery: 3.7V 1200mAh
Material: ABS
Sensing Angle: 120°
Sensing Distance: 10ft/3m
Delay Time: 30s
Waterproof Rating: IP64
Size: 95*124*48 mm
Weight: 161g

Package Contents:
1 x Solar Motion Sensor Light
1 x Installing Screw
1 x Extended Cord (8ft/2.5m)
2 x Expansion pillar-hinges
2 x 3M Double-sided Adhesive Pads
1 x User Manual

1. Be sure to turn the light on via the ON/OFF button before installation.
2. Please charge the light for 6-8 hours before the first use.

Every Matone product includes a 45 days money back guarantee and 18 months worry-free warranty. If you have any question about our product, please feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • Detachable Solar Panel – Standing out from most solar lights, it features an innovative separable solar collector. You can separate the panel easily from light body and use the included extension cord to install it in well-lit position. Great for indoor and outdoor using
  • Intelligent Light Control – Two smart modes: high light mode and dim light mode. Auto on at night / auto off at sunrise; Stay dim at dark surroundings, bright light activates when detecting motion at night, no need for buttons
  • Wide Sensing Range – Built-in PIR motion sensor can detect up to 120 degree with a longer sensing length up to 10 feet away or more. The Lights have 10 bright LED lights. It is bright enough to satisfy your needs
  • Waterproof and Durability – As most of the wall lights are installed outside the door it may be exposed to rain. Durable, weather-resistant and heatproof material construction perfectly designed for outdoors use like balconies, yard, stairs, gardens, outside wall, which creates a bright and safe environment to passers even in rainy days
  • High Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Light – Equipped with 17% efficient solar panel, it produces more electricity during the daytime and provides a longer lighting time at night

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2 Responses to Solar Lights Motion Sensor Security Lights, Matone [Separable Solar Panel] Waterproof Solar Powered Lights Outdoor Lights with 10 LED for Garden, Fence, Yard, Stairs, Balcony, Stairs, Outside Wall etc

  1. Anonymous says:

    I installed this the other day and it was so simple, looks very similar to a set I got recently but the fact that you can install the light at one place and the solar power to a place where it can see more light is just ideal – which gives me an idea to install this to another place using the 2.5m ext. cord. Will upload the photo’s of it’s new location once i’ve done it, it’s basically in the alleyway where there is no light whatsoever and although I was thinking about getting battery powered…