Solar Mason Jar Lights, T-MIX Two-Piece Set Waterproof Fairy Light Decorative Lighting Fence Lights for Homes, Gardens, Yard, Wedding, Christmas Party, Halloween

T-MIX Solar outdoor lamp Mason Glass can be hung in the tree to make your heart language wish or is placed in the room decoration,or in the marriage room romantic aestheticism!! Turn the switch to on position, the light darkens, will be bright

when the light is strong will not light the product introduction the popular global Mason Jar (Mason jars) is a glass tube with threaded iron caps,the seal is very good, the bottle body is carved, satisfies many petty bourgeoisie female’s intracavitary request, uses in the fermentation pot or the storage container all is very attractive,may put on the dining table or the balcony to play the exquisite beautiful adornment material


-Material: solar panel + plastic + high white glass
-Size: Height 5.12inch Bottom Width 2.4 inch Top width 2.6 inch
-Weight: 0.35kg
-Power: Solar charge 1*aaa 600mah 1.2V (inclusive)
-Number of lamp beads: 10 Lighting modes: steady
-Light color: Color
-Open mode: Toggle switch
-Use time: Solar power, 5-8 hours in the sun, full of electricity can be lit about 8-12 hours
-Waterproof Grade: IP65
-Usage: Decoration jar Bottle Water cup

Although the lamp has a certain waterproof, it is best not to use in rainy days, you give it good protection, it will prolong the service life to return you

Product Features

  • LIGHTS ARE PERFECT DECOR FOR An Outdoor PARTY: Bathe your patio, garden, or pergola in multi-color; the novelty of these festive LED strings will cast a spell over your neighbors and friends
  • MAKING ROMANTICS: With such colorful solar string lights ,they create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere immediately especially on some important days, it’s a good choose as a present
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: Built-in fuse and wire, it is easy to set up the connection from point to point according to user’s need, good quality are more safe and reliable
  • SOLAR POWERED: This energy-saving solar lights built-in solar panels , which is charged through converting solar energy into electricity during day time, without any additional cost required
  • LONG LIFESPAN: With high converting efficiency, this solar string light may work for 8-12 hours a time, varied from intensity of sunlight, the volume of solar energy stored everyday and the mode selected

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