Solar Strip Lights, Wakana 16.4ft-5m LED Flexible and Cuttable Solar Strip Lights, Waterproof IP67, 8 Modes, Auto ON/Off Light Strip for Indoor Outdoor Lighting (Warm White)

Questions & Answers: 

Q: Why do I turn on the light, but the light does not work? What should I do?

R: First, please use the light to irradiate the solar panel once . Then cover the solar panel and turn it on again. After these processes, it can be lighted up.

This is because there is a smart IC inside the circuit to protect the battery.When the battery power is insufficient at night, the light strip will go out.In this case, you must wait the light of next morning to irradiate the solar panel and the light will activate the circuit. In this way, the light strip will light up again during the night. Other brands, when the power is not enough, the light will go out. After an hour or two, the battery has false voltage and the light strip lights up again automatically, over and over again, until the battery consumes all the power eventually. This is harmful to the battery and can greatly reduce the battery life.

Please remember, in the dark, pressing the switch can’t turn on the light. It is necessary to have a light irradiating the solar panel to activate the circuit

Product specifications:

1. Solar panel: 5V 140mA 0.7W

2. Power supply: lithium ion battery, 1800mAh

3. Material: Epoxy resin

4. Light source: 3528 LED lamp beads

5. Lighting mode: 8 modes

6. Charging time: 4~8h

7. Working time: hold mode 8~10h; flash mode 10~14h

8. Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

9. Waterproof rating: IP67

10. Light strip length: 16.40 feet (5 meters)

11. Solar panel size: 3.5 * 3in

Quality assurance:

Our Wakana  products enjoy a 30-day refund or free exchange and a 12-month warranty!

Product Features

  • ☛【8 kinds of lighting modes】 There are eight kinds of flashing modes for the lighting, and different atmospheres is able to be built by you according to the needs of different scenes. There is a memory function in the light strip, and its flashing mode at the time of turning it on for each time is the same as the flashing mode before turning it off.
  • ☛【Auto ON/OFF】There is light sensor with high sensitivity installed on the solar panel, and the light goes out during the day but light up during night. If the light is charged for 4-6 hours during the day, it can light up for 8-12 hours at night. During a rainy day, if it is charged for 1 day, it can light up for 3-6 hours at night.
  • ☛【Easy for installing & cutting】 For the installation of the light strip, it adopts back sticking of the 3M brand, which is strong in the stickiness and can fix the light strip on the wall or hang the light strip on the trees firmly. If you think that it is too long for the light strip, you can cut each light bead from the end of the light strip, and the rest of the strip will not be damaged.
  • ☛【Waterproof IP67】 The light strip and solar panel are provided with Waterproof of IP67; it can withstand the weather of rainy days and snowy days, and is especially suitable for outdoor decoration, such as garden, courtyard, lawn, entrance hall, balcony, etc.
  • ☛【Smart IC protective battery & longer life】 The smart IC protective battery is added in this version of the circuit. When the battery is low at night, the light strip will go out and it can only be illuminated again after it is exposed to light. For the other brands, when the battery is low, the light goes out; but one or two hours later, there will be a false power in the battery, and the light strip will light up automatically again,this will shorten the life of the battery greatly.

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