Solarbuy24 Copper Starry Solar String Garden Lights White 200 Leds Outdoor Garden Holiday Wedding Party (120 Leds Flowers)

Make every night a Starry, Starry Night Elegantly illumine the dark hours with the celestial beauty of these miniature in warm white. They transform the landscape of your backyard and lend a new dimension to dining outdoors after nightfall. Increase your ambiance, Save on your electric bill These solar-powered night leds never need outlets or extension cords. Twenty feet of copper wire flexes and bends in any direction. solar panel absorbs the sun each day, Bask in the Glow…season after season Your versatile string lights will imbue warmth to long winter nights and add irresistible to any summer evening. Arrange the strand in a circle or uncoil the pliable copper into a new shape across your patio deck, on a garden trellis, or even in a bedroom for a fanciful effect. Maximum output, minimum care Don’t let their small size fool you: these 120 sparkle brightly. Never worry about switching off or setting on timers; built-in led activation knows the difference between dusk and dawn! Simply display on a fence or amid greenery and savor the interplay of shadows and sun. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. Our industry-leading commitment to you will make things right!

Product Features

  • 15 Meter(49.2ft,the first 3 Maters without string ) ,Let your imagination fly with a garden or porch display of charming fairy leds. 120 LED in white sparkle on a copper wire
  • Shape the flexible copper wiring into the design of your choice; wrap around tree trunks or gazebos; after dark, the wire fades to invisible
  • The magic of solar-powered garden décor means no electricity needed;
  • Starry leds are easy to install; simply plant the panel into the ground facing the direction of sunlight; the lights automatically shine at dusk, transforming your outdoor space with their festive, romantic mood

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3 Responses to Solarbuy24 Copper Starry Solar String Garden Lights White 200 Leds Outdoor Garden Holiday Wedding Party (120 Leds Flowers)

  1. Aurelia says:

    Perfect I’m really impressed with this.Arrived fast, well packaged and with full English instructions.The light was already charged so despite receiving it late afternoon I could enjoy it as soon as the night fell.I’m using it indoors on a south facing window and despite living in the North East I can already get a full charge in April.The light is strong enough to light the stairs all night.The color is a cool white not as blue as the seller’s pictures but nice.All…