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Brighten up those garden parties with these solar-powered LED string. Featuring 15 warm white colour LED encased in Round Balls-shaped moulds, these string lights add a magical feel to your garden and are a perfect addition to any evening party, barbecue or family celebration. These string lights are the perfect summer garden decoration for rockeries, shrubs and bushes. You can also install them along exterior windows sills, porches or beneath bushes to produce an eye-catching effect. These solar-powered string are beautiful, environmentally friendly, have no operating costs and, as they have no wiring, are very simple to install. All that you need to do is simply remove the string from their packaging and place them wherever you desire. The solar panel is separate and can be staked into the ground, which means that even though the panel must be in a position to receive direct sunlight, you can install your string in areas of shade and control them with an on/off switch. These solar-powered string lights recharge themselves during the day via the solar panel and, when darkness falls, they automatically illuminate to add a magical feel to your garden.

Product Features

  • 6 Meter(19.7 ft,the first 9.84ft without string)
  • Solar-powered decorative Round Balls light string ideal for decorating, shrubs, trellises, parasols and doorways
  • 15 energy-saving warm white LEDs come with Round Balls covers,Overall Size : 4.0 x 8 cm / 1.6″ x 2.4″(D*H). making them decorative by day and useful by night
  • Powered by a separate solar panel, allowing the lights to be placed in shady areas
  • Automatically illuminates at dark

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