SolarCentre Kodiak Mini Solar Wall Light

Made from high quality stainless steel, the Kodiak Mini Solar Wall Light is fully automatic, wireless and completely solar powered.

This beautifully designed solar wall light is perfect for contemporary settings where mains-free lighting is preferred. The Kodiak Mini Solar Wall Light is completely wireless and fully automatic so once you have set it up and turned it on it will light up at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. There is an on/off switch inside the housing which enables you to turn the light off completely at any time.

The Kodiak Mini Solar Wall Light uses our latest EdgeTM technology which enables you to double the Kodiak’s solar panel power quickly and easily by deploying its second solar panel. With a simple lift and twist of its top, the Kodiak’s second panel can be tilted to face the best direction to receive the most amount of sunlight. Designed for year-round use in the UK, the Kodiak Mini Solar Wall Light comes with Powersaving technology as standard which gives users the option to double runtime in return for a slight reduction in brightness. Powersaving model is perfect for those that haven’t got a great solar panel location or prefer a more subtle lighting effect.

Product Features

  • Premium stainless steel solar wall light designed to work year round in the UK
  • Wireless, fully automatic and completely solar powered
  • Dual solar panel more than doubles solar panel output and light runtime of standard lights
  • PowersaveTM option included giving superb winter performance
  • Easily replaceable AA batteries included providing years of hassle free use

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3 Responses to SolarCentre Kodiak Mini Solar Wall Light

  1. Griff999 says:

    Good little light