SolarCentre Truro Solar Outdoor Wall Light

Product Features

  • Solar powered stainless steel warm white downlighter
  • Wireless, completely solar powered and fully automatic – lights up automatically at night, turns off automatically at dawn
  • Designed to work in UK winter and includes Powersaving mode for extended runtimes
  • Simple quick and safe to install with everything you need in the box
  • LED bulbs last 10 years or more. 1 years full guarantee.

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3 Responses to SolarCentre Truro Solar Outdoor Wall Light

  1. Mrs says:

    Brilliant, really bright light they turn on about 5 … I already have some of these lights from a major high street DIY store and wanted some more for my patio. Having found these near identical ones at a better price I have fitted 3 of them in addition to my existing. I am on the whole pleased with them they do seem to hold enough charge to illuminate my patio for the evening. The only criticism I have is the poly carbonate lenses on the store bought ones are clear whereas these are opaque which seems to reduce the light given off in comparison. I…

  2. Stephen says:

    Excellent lights