SolarCentre Truro Solar Powered Motion PIR Sensor Light

The Truro Solar Motion Light follows on from the highly successful ‘dawn to dusk’ Truro Solar Wall Light. Rather than stay on all night, the Truro Solar Motion Light activates for 30 seconds each time it detects motion after dark and is twice as bright as the Truro Solar Wall Light. Made from high quality stainless steel, this stylish warm white motion sensor down-lighter is perfect for illuminating walls, fences, doorways, entrances and pathways. The Truro is completely solar powered, wireless, weatherproof, fully automatic and easy to install.

Product Features

  • Solar powered stainless steel warm white motion sensor downlighter
  • Wireless, completely solar powered and fully automatic – detects motion automatically at night, turns off automatically at dawn
  • Designed to work in UK winter and includes Powersaving mode for extended runtimes
  • Simple quick and safe to install with everything you need in the box
  • LED bulbs last 10 years or more. 1 years full guarantee

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3 Responses to SolarCentre Truro Solar Powered Motion PIR Sensor Light

  1. SP says:

    Stopped working after a week!

  2. Volt says:

    Very smart This light is a really nice little product. The stainless steel finish is better than the price would have you think and even the motion detector isn’t too obtrusive. I was initially going to opt for the one without this feature, just because of the look but I’m glad that I didn’t. Having a light that just comes one when you approach the door if far preferable to me than one staying on all night. As a result, the light remains clear and bright when ever it comes on.I was really impressed…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Cannot think of a more unreliable product…ever. After purchasing a couple of these lights I was initially pleased, as they look quite stylish. But one by one they began to fail, including the replacements that were sent. Either they did not turn on at all, so no motion detected, or when they did come on, stayed on until the battery runs flat. At first I thought, every product can have their faults, but having now had several replacements my patience has run thin. I think I am on my 6th light including replacements, which has now failed! So I…