SolarEK Solar Stainless Steel Outdoor Mosaic Lawn Landscape Garden Led Path Lights (6 Pack) Silver

Adorn your garden, backyard, or walkway with this 6 pack of beautiful solar lights. Whether you are using them for clarity and safety to light your way or to help define unique outdoor spaces at night, these lights are incredibly easy to install, while adding a beautiful, colorful touch wherever you place them. The lights automatically turn on at night and charge during the day; using the power of the sun to illuminate means no wiring is needed!

Product Features

  • At night, this 6 pack of brilliant LED’s will create a lively, colorful atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy! The dual LEDs conveniently turn on and off in harmony with the sun!
  • There’s no additional strain on your budget for electricity, these lights are sustainably powered by the sun!
  • Enliven and demarcate any outdoor space at night, while adding safety and clarity! They’re an ideal accessory for your garden, lawn, guest house or second home!
  • Don’t get bogged down with greater responsibility or struggle to decipher poorly written directions, these lights are maintenance free and exceptionally easy to install!
  • ou can continue to rely on Electro-Deal to offer the markets most competitive prices, paired with industry leading customer support, and all backed by a one year, full manufacturer’s warranty on new products or a 90 day limited warranty for refurbished products!

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