SOS Sun Source for Vitamin D, Happiness Health Wealth Light Weather and Climate – Big Business Based on Fear, Sun Protection Cancer and Climate Change

Are you pregnant? Do you work in an office? Do you work night shifts? Are you retired? Spending your life in an age care home? Suffer from sleep-disorders? How much sun does your child get? How much light do you need? Are you happy, healthy and vital? Is your electricity bill too high? Want a balanced future for your family? Are you spending enough time outdoors? Are you suffering from a chronic desease? Are you stressed and/or depressive? How is your love-life? How is your concentration? Are your hormones balanced? Want to slow down your aging process? SOS Sun answers these questions and many more!
Sunlight is the basic element of our existence. Most current research reveals its vital role at every stage of our lives, from the fetus until old age. It affects our development, quality of life, health and life expectancy. Our modern life style has diverted far from the natural light of our sun.
The business around fear of skin cancer, power supply and climate change is booming, and dangerous geo-engineering experiments are hurried along, aiming to control the insolation.
SOS Sun – Source for vitamin D, happiness, health, wealth, light, weather and climate reveals secrets about the big business based on fear – sun protection, cancer and climate change. The power of our sun is a treasure for humanity.

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