su-luoyu Solar-Power Fountain Colorful LED Lights Watering Kit Set with Solar Panel for Small Pond Garden Water Feature


1. It is designed for fountain, waterfall and solar fountain pump kit.
2. The solar panels can automatically operate, and it does not need battery or electricity, increasing the solar panel power. It can store the excessive energy for further use when ensures the normal operation during the sunny day.


Cable length: approx. 129 in(3.4 m) / 2 nozzles
Pump output: 7V 150MA
Maximum flow: 200L/H
Spray height: about 30-80CM / 11.81*31.50in

Packing List: 

1* solar water pump
2* nozzles

Product Features

  • 1. It is designed for fountain, waterfall and solar fountain pump kit.
  • 2. The solar panels can automatically operate, and it does not need battery or electricity, increasing the solar panel power. It can store the excessive energy for further use when ensures the normal operation during the sunny day.
  • 3. It is added with the built-in battery, which allows the solar power fountain to store energy for further use in bad weather when the traditional solar power fountain can not work. Furthermore, in the evening when there is no light, normal solar water fountains can’t work. This product can store electricity while working normally during the day, and it can work about 3 hours at night.
  • 5. It is added with color LED lights which make the product more enjoyable when it works at night. And the LED light is turned on only when the light is not good at night and it is not turned on during the day, which not only achieves the beautification effect, but also saves the power. The improvement of the nozzle. For this product, we have specially made nozzles that are different from the previous solar fountains, making the sprayed water look better.
  • 4. Three-level switch.”OFF” represents the shutdown level if the weather is not good and you want the fountain to work at night, you can choose the shutdown level, and then the solar panel start to charge the battery, and other parts will not work or consume power, stored power can be utilized at night. The “SUN” level can be selected when the weather is good during the day. At this time, the product is working while charging the battery. “BAT” level. This level is the mode of choosing the batte

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