Solar Lights Outdoor, Jirvyuk 30 LED Security Light Solar Powered with Motion Sensor, Super Bright Floodlight Wall Lights with Waterproof (2 Pack)


1. 3 Smart Modes: ON / DIM / OFF
▲Mode 1: Off until you switch it on (Or until daylight comes).
▲Mode 2: At night time, permantently on dimly until the PIR senses movement and then comes … Continue reading

Solar Lights Bulbs, Jirvyuk Rechargeable Solar Powered LED Lamp Super Bright Mutifunctional Portable LED Light for Indoor Outdoor Camping Emergency Tent Home Lighting

☀High Quality SMD Beads
7W light bulb with 14 LEDs, 560 lumes, this handy light provides you with long-time lighting, rather energy-saving and eco-friendly.

☀Convenient design
This bulb can be hung easily with the hook of the starter. … Continue reading