Aesy LED Solar Panel Spot Light Tang Spotlights GardenLawn Path Spike Spot Light Lamps Outdoor Sunlight

Absolutely NO WIRING and easy to install
Solar Battery: 2 V 40mA
Recharged by solar panels under the sunlight
White Bright LED (15000MCD)
Battery: Ni-MH AA 600 mAh Battery included
Ideal for areas where conventional electric supply is not available
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UV Resin For DIY Glue 60g Jewelry Hard Type Ultraviolet Curing Solar Cure Resin Sunlight Activated Crafts Transparent clear (60g)

Cure times: UV Light: 2-4 minutes Sunlight: 5-10 minutes Cloudy: 20-40 minutes

Product Features

  • UV resin Cured hard within minutes, no more waiting
  • Cured with UV / sunlight, no mixing like AB resin
  • Comes with small tip, simply open … Continue reading